Carol Attwood crumhorn, cornamuse
Ellen O’ Gorman – crumhorn, viol
Heather Jenne – crumhorn, sackbut
Marian Mullen – crumhorn, viol
Tim Senior – crumhorn, rackett
Fenella Spiers crumhorncurtal 
Ben Westley crumhorn, cornamuse

The crumhorn and related cornamuse are renaissance double-reed instruments. Popular in Germany and the Netherlands from the 1550s, they produce a distinctive buzzing sound and work best in a consort of 4-8, resonating very effectively together. Rhythmic dance music and sonorous vocal pieces form the main repertoire. CrumScrum explores this heritage with vigour, but also pushes the musical possibilities of these old instruments further through new commissions.


Gloria ad modum tubae – Guillaume Dufay (c1397-1474)

Sonata a 5 – Anon (c. 15C)

Calabaza no sé, buen amor – Anon (c. 15C)