Rosafresca: Creating rich textures and sonorities on period instruments, Rosafresca captures the excitement and spontaneity at the heart of renaissance music – whether Elizabethan, love song, or rhythmic Spanish dance.

Baroque and Beyond: As well as exploring the European art music of the Baroque heavyweights – Purcell, Handel and Telemann, Baroque and Beyond step beyond the mainstream, encountering fabulous material by lesser known writers whilst connecting with music from earlier and late times.

Mosaic: With a line of up flute, clarinet and cello, Mosaic shines new light on unusual repertoire from the 19th and 20th centuries, more familiar repertoire through their own bespoke arrangements and original works from local composers.

CrumScrum: Shamelessly enthusiastic, CrumScrum revel in the challenge of the eccentric J-shaped crumhorn – probably the most distinctive wind sound of the Renaissance. CrumScrum deliver a genuine blast from the past and an unusual soundscape for new commissions.