Rosafresca: Creating rich textures and sonorities on period instruments, Rosafresca captures the excitement and spontaneity at the heart of renaissance music – whether Elizabethan, love song, or rhythmic Spanish dance.

Baroque and Beyond: As well as exploring the European art music of the Baroque heavyweights – Purcell, Handel and Telemann, Baroque and Beyond step beyond the mainstream, encountering fabulous material by lesser known writers whilst connecting with music from earlier and later times.

Mosaic Five: An exciting new ensemble, Mosaic Five specialise in original and arranged music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Featuring classical guitar along with pairs of bowed strings and woodwinds, an extensive palette of colours is explored and showcased in a range of imaginative programmes.

CrumScrum: Shamelessly enthusiastic, CrumScrum revel in the challenge of the eccentric J-shaped crumhorn – probably the most distinctive wind sound of the Renaissance. CrumScrum deliver a genuine blast from the past and an unusual soundscape for new commissions.